Anjuna Beach A Holiday Destination

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Hemmed by Blue water of Arabian sea and Also with a hill in your background, Anjuna Beach is a Heaven for vacationing in India. Lies 8km west of Mapusa city and Also 18 km from Panaji, your capital of Goa, this shore chock-a cubes with holidaymakers during the year, notably during the event of Christmas and New Year. Blessed with an odd arrangement of red laterite stones, spread out throughout the white sands, shore Anjuna in Goa brings travelers from all avenues of life. Foreign backpackers in addition to Indian tourists from different parts of the nation loves to maintain Anjuna in the very first slot of their Goa itinerary.

All thanks to its numerous artificial and natural treasures which has great tourism value. Anjuna beach is bedecked with numerous attractions for tourist which captivate the creative thinking of holidaymakers with the first glimpse. Wednesday Flea Market: Anjuna Beach, famed since the freak capital of world in a tumult of colors on each Wednesday. Starts about every 11 a.m and lasts until the sunset, the flea industry on Anjuna Beach is your paradise for hardcore shoppers and good bargainers. Wonderful stuffs such as Tibetan, Kashmiri and Gujarati jewelry and handicrafts, European bites, Cassettes of Goan Trance artificial, music decorations carvings, colorful T t-shirts, used paperbacks are for sale within this marketplace.

To add up more a journey on the bumpy back of elephant, to its glory can also be available in this bustling market. Mascarenhas Mansion: The ancient Mascarenhas Mansion is another charm in Anjuna Beach. This monument has a number of the classic balconies and the best tainted glass flower etchings. The porch of your edifice has a L shaped seat, which is composed of expensive wood. Chapora Fort: Situated at your vicinity of Anjuna Beach, Chapora Fort provides a panoramic view of the entire beach. Chapora Fort was built by Muslim rulers of all Goa before it was invaded by Portugeese.

This ancient fort is well preserved except for a few ruins. Albuquerque Mansion: This colonial mansion that still displays the luxurious lifestyle of the former owners was another attraction for tourist at Anjuna. Built in your year 1920, Albuquerque Mansion is covered by octagonal tower and Also attractive Mangalore tile – roof. The Acid House Party: Amongst all its attractions, the thing which recalls and hook thousands of tourists in Anjuna Beach are your full moon trance parties.

In addition known as Acid House Parties, these festivals are your best place for fun, frolic and merriment.

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